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The Artist Collective

Jewel wanted to attempt creating a trademarked brand as an umbrella for a series of their artists.  They were hoping this would allow them to offer more of their artists to larger retailers, which were asking for trademarked brands.  


My initial concepts for this project were attempts to convey a connection to Jewel, but also an entity that would stand independently and represent a myriad of talent.    

First Round

While initially I was envisioning something elegant and more sophisticated, the feedback I received from my Creative Director was to try thinking something more punchy and fun.

We ended our first round with more brainstorming of what to call this collective.  We agreed to try three main titles - The Orchard Collective, Art Party, and Just Peachy. Our next assignment was to visually represent these concepts with more pizazz. Left and below you can see some of the concepts that came out of this round.

The Orchard.png

Here you can see, I tried incorporating colors and typography that amped up the fun in the Just Peachy and Art Party concepts. I tried to incorporate some of the peachy concept into The Orchard, as Jewel is located in Atlanta and they liked the representation of the peach.  

As we were heading into the elimination round, we narrowed it down to the peachy concept. Just Peachy was changed to Peachy Creatives as Just Peachy was already in use. However, the project was tabled when Jewel was informed there were legal issues with trying to trademark multiple brands under one brand.

Déjà Brew Coffee

Deja BrewFINALv2-02.png
Deja BrewFINALv2-03.png

I chose an owl on a moon to represent the mystical phenomena of déjà vu, which is complemented by the lavender and black color palette. I incorporated the coffee beans as the owls eyes to tie in both the coffee and the literal meaning of deja vu as "seen before," which I liked as a connotation for a magical coffee brew that one would come back for again. 

I finally settled on presenting these two logos, as I felt they worked best on printed product.

As part of a Graphic Design professional development class, I created a few different logos for a coffee logo and branding assignment.  This was the second stage where I picked two main designs from my initial drafts and varied them a bit to come up with these.  For logos, I tend to like very simple, instantaneous recognizable designs, so I tend to like the two color designs.  However, I varied them to give thought to the surfaces upon which they would prospectively be used and wanted to give the client the choice to have a banner around the typography.

Deja Brew Final Logo.jpg

A sampling of mock-ups to show to the client. I chose 2 of my favorites, that I felt would be strongest to present.

Asset 7_3x.png

Shelby Leigh Photography

Shelby Draft 2-01.png


Shelby is a photographer client of mine that wanted new branding for her business. She wanted something feminine, she loved handwritten typography and specified that she wanted to use rose gold in her color palette and to incorporate a dainty heart in her branding.  She needed a few different logos - a main logo for her website and collateral, a watermark, a signature and a few that would work on social media and different colored backgrounds.
Shelby gave me feedback about the style she liked and I advised her against using the heart in her main logo, as it just wasn't working or adding anything to the design of her brand.  We were able to incorporate it into other logos for her branding and she requested rose gold foil for the typography, so I designed these to her specifications finding a way to make the rose gold pop and remain elegant, without becoming cliche.
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 6.28.15 PM.png


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