Logo Design

Deja Brew Coffee Logo

Deja BrewFINALv2-02.png
Deja BrewFINALv2-03.png

As part of a Graphic Design professional development class, I created a few different logos for a coffee logo and branding assignment.  This was the second stage where I picked two main designs from my initial drafts and varied them a bit to come up with these.  For logos, I tend to like very simple, instantaneous recognizable designs, so I tend to like the two color designs.  However, I varied them to give thought to the surfaces upon which they would prospectively be used and wanted to give the client the choice to have a banner around the typography.

A sampling of mock-ups to show to the client. I chose 2 of my favorites, that I felt would be strongest to present.


Logo design for a nutritionist client.  
First stage shown here and her final pick below.