Advertisements & Print Collateral


Serino Coyne Inc.

Les Miserables

This was one of the first pieces I design assisted with at Serino Coyne. I combined original art assets (Cosette, the car and her arm) to create this special promotion for Free Parking with select seating at the theatre.  I also finalized the typography, made mechanical revisions and pre-flighted it for production.

Mamma Mia

I often re-worked Mamma Mia ads for different publications

and venues.  On this particular one, I finalized the typography, performed mechanical revisions and pre-flighted it for production.


42nd Street

42nd Street was one of the first shows I worked on from its inception to the end of its run on Broadway.   I assisted with creating the pattern of the chorus girls and finalizing the background art, finalizing the typography and pre-flighting for production.  Below, you might notice that the art was updated per the client to include a more racially diverse cast.  


The Charlie Palmer Group


An ad I designed and produced for Astra, one of Charlie's restaurants and catering venues that ran in a wedding themed publication.



A magazine ad I designed and produced for Aureole, Charlie's flagship restaurant.


This was a color NY Times ad I designed and produced to promote their Thanksgiving Dinner and the Holiday Light Show in Grand Central Station.


This was a table tent I created to promote a special offer at Metrazur that was used within Grand Central Station's food mall.