Our Story

My love affair with art began at an early age.  Painting and I go way back to age 5 or so.  

 Fast forward to the present, after spending over 15 years as an elementary and middle school teacher, I launched Kristy Breens Designs in 2020.  They say timing is everything and it was just time to return to my creative roots.  Prior to teaching, I had worked as a Graphic Designer assisting in the creation of Broadway ads. I also spent some time at DC Comics and educating others about how wonderful adoptable pets are. (They're pretty amazing if you ask me.)  I'm truly excited to share my passion for design with you!  I've studied Graphic

Design at SVA (2000), and online classes with Adobe (2020), Udemy (2020), and Shaw Academy (2020).  I've studied Pattern Surface Design with Rachael Taylor in Make It In Design (2020).  I'm also particularly fond of painting, ceramics, and anything arts and craftsy.
My designs are mostly inspired by children (including my own two little guys), animals, nature, and sacred geometry.  I enjoy painting watercolor florals and my patterns are inspired by folk art, Indian and Scandanavian styles.  I LOVE color and I enjoy putting together color harmonies in fun ways.  My style has been described as playful, whimsical, cheerful, and trend forward.  
There's a Danish term, hygge, (pronounced hoo-ga) which expresses the cozy contentment and joy of appreciating the simple things in life.  This is my mission and why I design.  I love beauty, I love art and I love the joyful feeling of sharing it with others.   It's my greatest hope that the items sold in my store will add a little hygge to your own home, your special event, and to those you hold dear.
Thank you for stopping by!